Plain Stripping Wheels

Plain Stripping Wheels
 Plain Stripping WheelsPlain Stripping Wheels 

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Applications: These plain stripping discs have a 13mm (1/2") central bore which enables them to be mounted on the tapered spindles of polishing mills. They can thus clean and strip components before re-polishing. Used this way, they can re-grain stainless steel. They are also commonly used on suitable mandrels which enable them to be used on drills or on small lathe chucks. 


  • Flat wheel with 13mm (1/2") centre bore.
  • Shaft / mandrel assembly available.
  • Two discs can be mounted together on mandrel to make a wider wheel.
  • Flexibility enables mounting on tapered spindles.
  • Slightly flexible to minimise gouging.
  • Stocked in 100mm (4") and 150mm (6") diameters.

Purchasing: These wheels are available to purchase on the Abrasives World website.