Construction Metal Cutting Circular Saw TCT Blades

Construction Metal Cutting Circular Saw TCT Blades

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Applications: These saw blades meet the requirements for 'cold cutting' on most construction sites and thus provide an alternative to abrasive cutting discs where a suitable slow speed saw with clamp fixing is available. The use a high grade of tungsten carbide tip to cut ductile metal, such as reinforcing bar and scaffolding poles. They acn also be used to cut wood and wood with nails. Please check the speed rating of your saw to ensure suitability.


  • Premium tungsten carbide tips.
  • Suitable for ductile metal.
  • Metal to be clamped before use.
  • 350mm size has 30.0mm bore with 25.4mm spacing ring.
  • Suitable for re-sharpening. Diagram included. 
  • Max RPM 254mm: 2,200rpm. 355mm: 1,600rpm.

Also Available: For cutting stainless steel, we suggest stainless steel grade thin cutting discs.

Prices: These items can be purchased on the Abrasives World website.