Tile Cutting Blades For Circular Saws

Tile Cutting Blades For Circular Saws

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Applications: These diamond blades are designed to work on many commonly available circular saws of either approx 7in, 10in or 122 diameter, eg 185 mm,  255 mm or 305mm. They employ premium grade diamond in a thin rim giving the capability of dry cutting porcelain, ceramic, granite and other stone slab. 


  • 30mm bore to fit many circular saws (check saw handbook for correct blade bore).
  • Premium grade diamond for hard materials, eg porcelain.
  • Turbo wave edged for air self-cooling.
  • Compliant with EN13216.
  • Max Speeds: 180mm: 8730rpm, 250mm: 6110rpm, 300mm: 5100rpm. 
  • These blades can also be fitted with 25.4mm adaptor rings. Please enquire.

Purchasing: These blades are available from stock at Abrasives World.