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Buy high quality diamond blades, diamond core drills, cutting, grinding, flap and stripping discs here at amazing prices

Tile cutting saw diamond disc bladesDiamond blades for hard blocks and bricksPetrol saw wheels, diamond blades and discs

 Specialists In Diamond Blades And Other Abrasive Products Direct To You.

We are different because:

  • We are abrasive technology specialists. We know how to specify great diamond blades and abrasive discs and are proud to put our name on them.  
  • We sell direct, keeping cost low, so we can offer better value, for example you can buy 10 300mm diamond blades for just £150.00 + VAT here.
  • We keep almost everything you find on this site in UK stock to provide excellent service.
  • We provide free delivery across the UK including Northern Ireland and remote areas.


Premium Thin Metal Cutting Discs - Longer Life - Better Value      

Try these premium thin discs. Tests have given 60-70% longer life than our already durable standard thin discs, yet the price difference is only around 30%. Save time with fewer disc changes and save money by using far fewer discs. Available in the popular 115mm and 125mm sizes. Premium thin metal cutting disc.



New: Brush Wheels In Brass Coated Steel Wire

Spindle mounted wire brsuh wheel.Flat end wire brush wheelBench mounted wire brush wheel   

We now stock high quality wire brush wheels made with either twisted knot steel for high aggression, or brass coated steel wire for more controlled action. Brass coated steel has increased flexibility and gives more durability without the need for oil based rust prevention.

New: Dry Use Drill Bits For Porcelain & Other Tiles

When bathrooms and kitchens are almost finished, it is often only then that you might want to add fitments. At this stage wet drilling can be inconvenient, hence we would like to introduce a great solution - tile drill bits that work dry. These still incorporate premium vacuum brazed diamond rims and so are ideal for porcelain and other hard materials, such as ceramic, granite and marble.

 Dry Diamond Drill Bits For PercelainPremium Dry Tile Drill Bit



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